Brown Bread Music

Brown Bread (Singer)


Brown Bread the artist is a reggae singer that has stayed with his craft for many years. Today, in 2017 he has released his album entitled Peace & Love. This album boasts ten (10)  solid tracks with only two (2) features from other artists.

  1. 1

    Let Me Know

  2. 2

    Let Me Know Remix Feat Ranking Joe

  3. 3

    A Victim

  4. 4

    A Victim Remix Feat Mr Breaka

  5. 5

    Run Away from Love

  6. 6

    Hard 2 Get

  7. 7

    Fight Against One Another

  8. 8

    Love and Friendship

  9. 9

    Peace and Love

  10. 10

    Thank You


Brown Bread will be a household name in the years to come and his album can be purchased at your favorite online music outlet.

To Purchase Click Here

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