Chi Ching Ching

  • Date:2017-04-08
  • Location: St. Thomas. Jamaica, WI
  • Venue: 703 Sports BarSunning Hill,

Chi Ching Ching comes to perform in St. Thomas for the 4th Annual staging of  Where We Come From.

This is a Ciroc, Hennessy & Moet Birthday Party and round robin brought to you by Donnette, Steppa, Wayne, Buggy, Cromfork, Laggy, Shaggy, Unruly Cuz and the Mums Dream Team.

The 4th Annual Where We Come From activities include all day treat for the kids, six a side football and bingo! Victoria Secret and Bath & Body Works giveaway, Raffle for a Flat Screen, Tablet and US Cash!

Also performing will be Dosa Medicine and special guest artists. Music by Black Terror, Studio 4 Intl, Dj Byron & Randy Frass & Dj Craig.

Takes place on Saturday april 8th, 2017 at the 703 Sports Bar, Sunning Hill, St. Thomas



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