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jets fan punches woman

Jets Fan In Video A Killer

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The Jets Fan In Video A Killer!
On Sunday night, a disturbing video surfaced, allegedly showing a large male Jets fan punching a female Patriots fan in the face as fans emptied out of MetLife Stadium following Sunday’s Jets-Patriots game.

But on Monday, as details about the alleged assailant surfaced, an even more alarming story came to light, as a report in the New York Daily News said the man has served prison time for killing another man.
According to the report, the alleged assailant is named Kurt Paschke, a Long Island man who reportedly did time in the 1990s for fatally stabbing a 17-year-old. The story makes other rather startling claims, as well:

• Paschke’s mom, who attended the game with her son, defends his actions in the incident at the stadium, saying he was coming to her defense. “He’s the victim, really,” she told the paper.

• The family of the teen killed in the stabbing, Henri Ferrer, believes Paschke did only three years because his father was a Suffolk County police officer.

• Paschke’s father, also named Kurt and now retired, helped push to get a man befriended by his son in prison to have his conviction for killing his parents successfully overturned.

According to the reporters who wrote the story, while they talked with Paschke’s mother, Colleen Paschke, at her home, Kurt, 38, “was hiding out across the street in a house that he rents. And later, he was a no-show for his bartending gig at the Village Tavern in Huntington, (Long Island)”.

The story added that at his sentencing for the stabbing, Paschke said, “I am deeply sorry. I can honestly say I never sought the confrontation, but when it came, I did what I had to do.”

The New York Post spoke with the elder Kurt Paschke, who said, “They’re making him out to be animal. He’s very upset about this.”

The Post also reported it tried to reach the alleged victim in the video, but when representatives from the paper visited the address of a woman who shares the name sources have given as the victim’s name, “a man who identified himself as her brother said the family had only just learned of the incident before adding ‘Go screw!’ and declining further comment.”

At the time of Sunday’s incident, tensions were running high after the New York Jets pulled off a 30-27 OT stunner over the rival New England Patriots.

The game was especially heated after a controversial ruling at the end of the game allowed the Jets to maintain the ball after a missed field goal attempt. They would extend the drive and win the game with a subsequent kick.

The video shows one Jets fan, sporting a Wayne Chrebet jersey, in a skirmish apparently on the way out of MetLife Stadium. As some others move him away from the fracas, a female who appears to be a New England fan kept after him. He responded by apparently and reportedly punching her in the face.

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