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We at calicomixmachine.com are invested in educating young artists about this business of music. As a lot of you might not know, music is 10% music/ talent and 90% business. Artists need to be paid what they deserve from their musical ventures, but until they are fully aware of the circumstances surrounding the music business, they are most unlikely to do so. This book is a informative and can definitely help young and aspiring artist in the business..
The bible of the music industry! Now in its tenth edition, This Business of Music has been revised and completely updated to reflect the latest changes in the ever-evolving music business. Every chapter has been revised. An entirely new chapter has been added, asking and answering the question “Are there borders in cyberspace?” The answer is yes, and the book clearly and concisely explains what they are and how to maintain them. Commentary on recent legislation, a reader-friendly summary of the laws on copyright duration, and much more insightful analysis—plus fully updated lists of music organizations and important websites—make This Business of Music indispensable for musicians, agents, managers, marketers, music publishers and groups, colleges and universities, and everyone who wants to make music and make money.

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