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Etana’s Political Fallout

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Etana Supports Trump and Faces Backlash

Has Etana chosen the wrong candidate to support? The reggae cultural  singer is currently on the naughty list according to former fans over her recent endorsement of U.S.  Presidential candidate Donald Trump. The native Jamaican and naturalized U.S. Citizen recently made shocking statements during an interview with Entertainment Report TV Show Host, Anthony Miller.

etanaShe was quoted saying “There are quite a number of maybe Mexicans, Spanish people, Black people — all kinds of different races, right? Who are in the country illegally, who are doing things that they are not supposed to do, and he’s just saying, ‘Hey, look, we cannot afford ourselves in America, why are we letting in all of these people?

Etana added that she should not be seen as person who hates other races. She believes in the unification of races coming into America to build a stronger union.

However when asked if people should be racially profiled, Etana answered “no”. Then added, “Why must we live that way, then, and allow all these people to come into the country when you don’t know? Because these people come into the country in America, they get jobs, they go to school, they raise families, they do all kinds of things and then all of a sudden, ‘dem’ just strike.”

Throughout the interview Anthony Miller pressed her on some of the controversial statements that Donald Trump made on the campaign trail, which is why she probably felt compelled to add, “And I know a lot of people are going to be like ‘but Trump prejudice.’ He is not prejudice, if you look into what this is for me even in conversation straight to the point black and white, it is what it is, and say what it is. Don’t beat around the bush because if you don’t like a certain things then you don’t like it, end of story. That is the reasons I support Trump.”

Etana made it clear to Anthony Miller and the audience, like her how she feels about her music, that nothing will change her mind about Trump.

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