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Dancehall Mix 2019 – Typical Lifestyle

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Typical Lifestyle Dancehall Mix 2019 – 6ixx, Koffee, Jahvilani ++


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What Is Dancehall

Dancehall is a genre of Jamaican popular music that originated in the late 1970s. Initially, dancehall was a more sparse version of reggae than the roots style, which had dominated much of the 1970s. In the mid-1980s. Digital instrumentation became more prevalent, changing the sound considerably, with digital dancehall (or “ragga“) becoming increasingly characterized by faster rhythms. This can be found on dancehall mix 2019.

Key elements of dancehall music include;

•its extensive use of Jamaican Patois rather than Jamaican standard English

•and a focus on the track instrumentals (or “riddims“).

Dancehall saw initial mainstream success in Jamaica in the 1980s, and by the 1990s. It became increasingly popular in Jamaican diaspora communities. In the 2000s, dancehall experienced worldwide mainstream success. By the 2010s, it began to heavily influence the work of established Western artists and producers. This has helped to further bring the genre into the Western music mainstream.

Dancehall 2015 – Present Dancehall Mix 2019

Dancehall saw a new wave of popularity in Western markets in the mid-late 2010s. Immense commercial success being achieved by a number of dancehall-pop singles, including Rihanna’s “Work” (2016) and Drake’s “One Dance” and “Controlla” (2016).

A variety of western artists have spoken of being inspired by Dancehall music, including Major Lazer, whose commercially successful singles Lean On(2015), Light It Up (2015) and Run Up (2017) all heavily rely upon dancehall music. Several hip-hop and R&B artists have also released material inspired by dancehall music, including Drake, who has cited Vybz Kartel as one of his “biggest inspirations.

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