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Unicorn Shot & Killed

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Unicorn Shot & Killed in Jamaica

“Wi really sad. Wi just haffi keep wi head up,” Macka Diamond said yesterday. “I’ve known Unicorn for years, from back in days. He was a writer, deejay and producer… very hardworking and jovial; him will keep you laughing. He was also hard-headed because once him hold an opinion, him nah go easily change dat. But he was very humble too, as he wrote a lot of songs for many artistes and nuh talk bout it.”


Macka Diamond’s 2010 single Think Bout Me, featuring Unicorn, helped establish him as a bonafide artiste.

“It was a nice song… The idea for that track came from a phone call I received from a fellow saying he wants me to ‘think bout him’. I found it funny and came off the phone, and said it to Unicorn… we began coming up with the lyrics and as they say, the rest is history,” said Macka Diamond.

“He wrote Hoola Hoop and Cow Foot,” she continued. The artist also recorded a single on Calico Mix Machine’s Pastime Riddim which also features Beenie man , which is scheduled to be released in the upcoming 1st quarter of 2018.

Unicorn, 43, of Bowens Road in Kingston, succumbed to gunshots he received from unknown assailants.

According to Jamaica Constabulary’s information arm, Corporate Communication Unit, at 3:40 pm the Hunt’s Bay Police responded to shots fired in the Crescent Road area of Kingston 11.

Unicorn (given name Donovan McMurray) was found lying on his back in a pool of blood with gunshot wounds. He was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital in downtown Kingston where he was pronounced dead. Investigations are continuing.

Two weeks ago, another dancehall producer, Ralston “Tru Blue” Wellington, was shot and killed in the Maxfield Avenue area of Kingston.




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