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*Signiture Buzzwordy: Cultivating Soulful Hits from the Hills of Clarendon to the Global Stage*

Rudygar O. Simpson, better known as Signiture Buzzwordy, was born on April 6, 1980, at the Spanish Town Hospital in St. Catherine, Jamaica. Growing up amidst the hills of Clarendon, he found his earliest lessons in life from his mother, who doubled as his first teacher, and his father, a skilled carpenter.

His journey into the world of music started in Jamaica, where he gained recognition not only for his academic prowess but also for his exceptional soccer abilities. The move to the United States during high school marked a significant chapter in his life. Initially settling in Detroit before making New York his home, Signiture Buzzwordy began to carve his identity in a new cultural landscape.

The year 2004 brought about a profound shift in Signiture Buzzwordy’s life as he faced the tragic loss of his sister in a fatal car accident. This soul-shaking experience prompted a period of introspection, where he found solace in the reggae rhythms of legends like Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, and Garnett Silk. The profound impact of these artists inspired Signature to embark on his musical journey, creating and performing his compositions for friends.

Family tragedies struck again in 2011 when Signiture lost his father. Despite working as a carpenter at the time, this loss ignited a newfound determination to pursue a career as an artist. He transformed his pain into passion, driving him to step into the spotlight.

Signiture Buzzwordy and Music

Signiture Buzzwordy’s performances have resonated in local venues across New York and New Jersey, and he eagerly anticipates gracing stages nationwide and internationally. In 2012, he recorded his debut single, “Too Much Guns,” released under the Calico Mix Machine record label. The Hookie Party Riddim Vol 1 also featured his soulful contribution with the track “She’s Fine,” released the same year.

Signiture Buzzwordy’s journey is one of resilience, growth, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. From the hills of Clarendon to global platforms, his music encapsulates the spirit of reggae, echoing the influences of the greats while adding his unique voice to the rich tapestry of the genre.

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    She's Fine Signiture Buzzwordy

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    The War Is On (Radio Edit) Signiture Buzzwordy


Signicha – Too Much Guns