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Android Cypher – an electrifying single by a powerhouse collective

  • Release date: July 15, 2024
  • Label: Calico Mix Machine

Android Cypher Official

🚀 Android Cypher toles you  on a musical odyssey with Nu rain, Manestream, Mr Breaka, Kameron DNOS, and Grabba! 🎤✨

🎶 Released under the esteemed Calico Mix Machine label and expertly produced by the visionary DJ Speng, “Android Cypher” is a symphony of lyrical prowess and cutting-edge beats that transcends genres.

💥 Now available on all major platforms, the single invites you to immerse yourself in a fusion of styles and voices. From Nurain’s poetic finesse to the raw energy of Grabba, each artist brings a unique flavor to this collaboration.

🌐 Whether you’re on Spotify, Apple Music, or your preferred streaming service, experience the collective genius of Nurain, Manestream, Mr Breaka, Kameron DNOS, and Grabba with this release.

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    Android Cypher Nurain feat Grabba, Kameron Dnos, Mr. Break an Mane Stream

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🔗 Ready to elevate your playlist? Dive into the future of music – “Android Cypher” is here, breaking boundaries and setting the stage for a new era of sound! 🎧🚀 #AndroidCypher #CalicoMixMachine #DJSpengProductions #NewWaveSound