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Quebon x Beenie Man’s “Dance Yah Buss” On Pastime Riddim

  • Release date: July 15, 2024
  • Label: Calico Mix Machine

*Unleashing Dancehall Royalty: Dance Yah Buss

Get ready for a dancehall explosion as Quebon, the rising star, collides with the iconic Dancehall King, Beenie Man, in the chart-topping single “Dance Yah Buss.” Produced once again by the incomparable DJ Speng and proudly presented on the Calico Mix Machine label, this anthem is making its grand debut on streaming platforms after igniting YouTube since 2014.

💃 *Elevate Your Vibes with “Dance Yah Buss” on Pastime Riddim!* 💃

Experience the fusion of Quebon’s dynamic flair and Beenie Man’s legendary presence, all set against the infectious beats of DJ Speng’s production. This particular song on the Pastime Riddim is not just a banger; it’s a dancehall saga that demands to be felt and celebrated.

🎉 *A Historic Moment: From YouTube to Your Playlist!* 🎉

For the first time, this dancehall gem leaves the confines of YouTube and ventures onto major streaming platforms. Rediscover the magic or dive into the rhythm for the first time – either way, it’s a sonic voyage you won’t want to miss.

🚀 *Join the Dancehall Revolution: Quebon x Beenie Man* 🚀

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Quebon and Beenie Man invite you to embrace the dancehall experience of a lifetime. It’s not just a song; it’s a movement, a celebration, and the embodiment of dancehall royalty. Let “Dance Yah Buss” be the soundtrack to your groove, your rhythm, and your dancehall journey!