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Hookie Party Riddim Vol 1

  • Release date: Aug 24, 2012
  • Label: Calico Mix Machine, LLC
  • Catalog #: 700261879420

Hookie Party Riddim Vol 1 is where the party’s at! The album takes you on a journey which  deals with love issues, self motivation, and partying as the title states. It has been compiled with artists who resides overseas who also has a Caribbean background.

Hookie Party Riddim Vol 1

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Video from Youtube

Video from Youtube

Hookie Party Riddim is produced by Dj Speng and gives you a variety of moods as you listen through the album. It’s a party album, one you could spin and listen all the way through and it has fifteen hot tracks including the instrumental!

All the artists on this volume resides in The Bronx New York therefore you definitely get that New York vibe mixed with our original reggae roots.

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Hookie Party Riddim Vol 1
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