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Hookie Party Riddim Vol 1: Dj Speng feat Various Artists

  • Release date: August 24, 2012
  • Label: Calico Mix Machine, LLC
  • Catalog #: 700261879420

Hookie Party Riddim Vol 1 brings Bronx Heat!

Hookie Party Riddim: Embrace the Bronx’s musical heartbeat with another banger from Calico Mix Machine. Produced by DJ Speng, this compilation spotlights a Bronx-exclusive lineup featuring talents like Krissy Saw, Milton Samms (aka Di Singing Chef), Mr. Breaka, Grabba, Tallis DNB, Kameron DNOS, Teff U Deff, Kongyu, Vision Irie, Dyzaster, and the infectious instrumental “Hookie Party” by DJ Speng.

*Hookie Party Riddim, A Bronx Soundtrack:*

Immerse yourself in the Bronx vibe with diverse sounds, from Krissy Saw’s lyrical prowess to the flavorful voice of Di Singing Chef. Mr. Breaka’s flow, Grabba’s energy, Tallis DNB’s swag, Kameron DNOS’s vibes, Teff U Deff’s flow, Kongyu’s style, Vision Irie’s melodies, and Dyzaster’s lyricism contribute to a dynamic musical experience.

*DJ Speng’s Sonic Canvas: “Hookie Party Riddim”*

The compilation reaches its pinnacle with the instrumental by DJ Speng, setting the stage for a sonic journey that captures the essence of Bronx creativity and unity. It’s not just an album; it’s a Bronx musical manifesto.

*Join the Party:*

The album is available now, inviting you to revel in the Bronx’s musical fusion. Tthis compilation is a testament to the Bronx’s diverse and dynamic music scene. Let the party echo through your speakers!

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