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Tic Toc Mr Breaka x Milton Samms – a sensational single

  • Release date: January 4, 2012
  • Label: Calico Mix Machine

Tic Toc by Mr Breaka and Milton Samms

🔥 Dive into the rhythmic world of “Tic Toc” – a sensational single by the incredible Mr Breaka featuring the soulful vibes of Milton “Disinging Chef” Samms! 🎶

🚀 Released back in 2012 on the renowned Calico Mix Machine label, This is a timeless masterpiece that transcends musical boundaries. 🌐 Produced by the talented DJ Speng, this track promises an electrifying blend of beats and vocals that will keep you grooving.

🔥 DJ Speng’s masterful production weaves the landscape, infusing the track with a timeless quality that stands out on the Calico Mix Machine label. “Tic Toc” is  an immersive experience, a fusion of genres that transcends the constraints of time.

🎧 Now available on all major platforms, The single invites you to experience a musical journey like no other. Whether you’re on Spotify, Apple Music, or your favorite streaming service, let the vibrant sounds of Mr Breaka and Disinging Chef elevate your playlist!

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    Tic Toc Mr. Breaka feat Milton Samms

📽️ Don’t miss the visually captivating journey – catch the “Tic Toc” video on YouTube! 🎬 Immerse yourself in a world where music meets artistry, brought to life by the synergy ofMr. Breaka and Milton Samms.

🔗 Ready to embark on a musical adventure? Stream “Tic Toc” now and feel the rhythm that captivated audiences long before the TikTok craze! 🕺💃

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