Flex Chino McGregor visits Calico Studio

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Flex Chino at Calico Radio

Gully Side Flex Chino McGregor visits Calico Studio/ Calico Radio in New York.

Son of reggae superstar Freddie McGregor along with friend and recording artist Flex from the Gully Side passed through calico studio.

Exciting footage with the artist freestyling for the massive online. Watch the full video with Gully Side Flex – Chino at the studio.





Chino, born Daniel McGregor on the 12th of February 1983, is a young artiste that is going to blow your mind and as a son of Jamaican music legend Freddie McGregor you know that he has music running through his veins.

A great talent in his own right, Chino has already had a lot of experience.

He sang from the age of nine in the Vaz Preparatory School’s choir and ever since it was his dream to have a career in music.

Chino has performed on countless occasions since being a child. One of his most memorable performance was at the age of twelve at Jamaica House in front of Prime Minister.

While a student at Wolmer’s High School, multi-talented Chino also gained experience as a selector.

Chino sees himself as a musical artiste since he plays instruments such as guitar, drums, piano and bass.

Furthermore he can sing, rap and dj, he writes,co-writes and produces tracks for artistes such as Daville, TOK,Wayne Marshall, Elephant Man, Kiprich,Delly ranx and of course his father, Freddie McGregor.

Having had the opportunity to learn all about music from the cradle due to the fact that Big Ship studio is his “home”, Chino undoubtedly will be one of the biggest artiste in Jamaica.


His lyrics are edgy; His style unique and versatile.
Flexxx is one of Jamaica’s most prolific dance hall artiste and songwriter.

He was born in Kingston, with the given name Omar Henry and originally from Maxfield Avenue, St Andrew. Traversed the streets of Kingston to find peace and found solace in Grants Pen, St Andrew, where he now calls home.


Flexxx credits the change in his career to  Bounty Killer. While under the Warlord’s mentorship he was able to develop his craft.

Flexxx’s  break came in 2005 when he did  “Early Sunday Morning”  ‘Power Cut’ rhythm.

He began to reap the benefits of consistent hard work in 2006 when he got much recognition for his single ‘No Gal Can Force Bad man’, which he recorded for Irie FM’s DJ Wayne.



Since those early days Flexxx have made appearances on several major local stage shows and festivals such as the world renowned Reggae Sumfest, Sting, and the Arthur Guinness 50th Anniversary Show alongside international acts such as Shaggy, Busta Rhymes, Lady Saw and Wayne Wonder.

Tours in countries such as Japan and the USA and parts of Europe have also highlighted his presence on the international scene


When he is not performing internationally, he is busy in the studios working on new projects and staying current of international musical trends.

Flexxx has had many high points to his career:
● January 2011,  “Fresh” was nominated for the Best Video of the Year 2010, by CVM TV  and enjoyed multiple rotations on MTV.

● September 2011,  nominated for two Music Industry Awards (MIA); “Most Consistent Artiste” and “Best Songwriter Of The Year”, he won “Best Song Writer ”

● October 2011, Flexxx was the recipient of 3B Entertainment’s “Most Outstanding Artiste Of The Year” awards

● In 2010 Flexxx won two Excellence in Music and Entertainment Awards (EME) “Most Improved Artiste” and “Breakthrough Artiste Of The Year”.

● In 2009, Flexxx was the recipient of Stone Love’s “Best New Artiste Of The Year” award.

The nominations and awards have been viewed by the artiste as recognition and payback for all his hard work.

Flex Chino are both artists endorsed by Calico Radio. Bless up brothers..