Jah Bouks

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Jah Bouks (Angola) covers Peter Tosh Oh Bomboclaat

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Jah Bouks – The expressions Illey!!, As I would say, Yes Rasta became crowd favourites of the many viewers and fans of the popular Dancehall competition ‘Magnum Kings & Queens’ 2013 season.


This as the masses local and overseas became connected to the Reggae crooner in a dancehall space, Yes Rasta, Jah Bouks. Week in week out a potent standard of quality was expressed and noticed by all, indeed a joy to the multi-talented artiste who humbly recalls his beginnings and life journeys.

Worin Gerol Shaw known also as Boukie or JAH BOUKS was born in St. Thomas in a community known as Winchester. He started doing music from the age of 12 years old. He left St. Thomas and came to Port more, where he has done a lot of community stage shows in and around the Municipality and his home away from home, Gregory Park. Early memories linger on his soulful deliveries at after work jam sessions at the Cactus Nigh Club where he commanded and in many instances equaled popular favourites done by other artistes.

In time Boukie started to pen his own music and plot his own discourses and has consistently represented diasporic expressions of Unity, Rastafari, Africa, Equality, Love and Positivity. His music has taken him into youth empowerment, juvenile rehabilitation and community renewal as he pairs music for national and world development. He recognizes his role and stands diligently in the trajectory of Reggae Righteousness set by the foremothers and fathers of the freedom sound as he often expresses an ites in Peter Tosh, Burning Spear and Everton Blender.

Welcome Jah Bouks now on the scene with his latest single and

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